Commerce Casino Opens Racebook

by , Jul 17, 2009 | 5:43 pm

Few details, other than that I think you can now bet on horse racing there … as of a few minutes ago, or at least today. (No sports betting?)

My source is @CommerceCasino:

And awaaay they go!! The Racebook at Commerce Casino is now open!!
3 minutes ago from web

While we know sports betting and poker have gone hand in hand ever since Stu Ungar introduced the concept of winning millions playing cards and almost immediately losing it all on the Bengals, I’m not so sure there’s as much overlap between the horses and poker. Could be wrong … and still, the convergence of poker and horses is kinda what we were going for in Texas earlier this year, except we had horses first and were trying to add poker, as opposed to the other way around.

7 Comments to “Commerce Casino Opens Racebook”

  1. melissa h

    oh grt!
    since they have a rockn deuce game going everyday there, skalansky
    should be a happy man.

  2. Steve

    It’s a popular combo in LA because of Hollywood Park. Actually, it’s popular because the degenerates at those casinos will bet on whose chicken fried rice arrives first.

  3. Johnny Hughes

    I follow the horses that follow the horses. W.C. Fields said, “Horse sense is what a horse has that keeps him from betting on people.”

  4. Snuffy

    It’s big in Florida. Always love the tables where the person is reading the Daily Racing Form.

  5. Uncle Ray

    The story in today’s LA Times explains the law that allowed this and all I can say is the more access to horse race betting the better. Here’s the link.,0,6557246.story

    I’m suprized poker players aren’t more into horse racing. You try to match your skills against many others. There are all sorts of parallels.

    Anyway, it should be good for both racing and poker. More poker players will be exposed to racing and more racing fans will be exposed to poker. Win/win.

  6. Kevin Mathers

    For a brief period of time, the Daily Racing Form had a section on poker, then the UIGEA happened.

  7. Uncle Ray

    Just one more little aside tie-in. I used all my handicapping skills on Saturday and went to the off-track here in South Elgin, IL after reading the post.

    As luck would have it, a horse in the next race at Pleasanton (coincidently in California) was named Soccer Dan (coincidently the star of not only Pokerati but the new Soccerati)

    The stars were all lined up, but alas, Soccer Dan finished 6th in a field of 8 horses and maybe I should have saved my money for the poker table.