Day 1(s) Breakdown

by , Jul 7, 2009 | 1:15 am

That hedline makes me giggle, because really, there’s a lot to these numbers:

Day 1a – 1,116
Day 1b – 873
Day 1c -1,696
Day 1d – 2,809

One Comment to “Day 1(s) Breakdown”

  1. Johnny Hughes

    Dan the Man,

    Why did folks delay? To get rest, or be closer to Day Two? Thinking it would be a softer field? Satellites? sp I used to love watching the last minute single tables, which Binion’s would run right near cards in the air. At the very last minute, partners, groups, desperate brokes, real gamblerss would put up $1000 and juice to race horse for a seat, one hand.