ESPN and PokerStars Notice Tom Schneider (and Julie)

by , Jul 13, 2009 | 1:44 pm

Tom Schneider was seated at the ESPN feature table at the start of Day 6 and started in fourth chip position, though he seems to have slipped a bit. But he’s wearing PokerStars gear! (Go poker agent madness!) The table began with:

Seat 1: Clayton Newman – 244,000
Seat 2: Prahlad Friedman – 715,000
Seat 3: Tom Schneider – 3,168,000
Seat 4: Scott Eskenazi – 270,000
Seat 5: Paul Johnson – 1,606,000
Seat 6: Miika Puumalainen – 2,894,000
Seat 7: Scott Sitron – 778,000
Seat 8: Dwayne Stacey – 410,000
Seat 9: Michael Jansen – 852,000

Julie Schneider is in the front row supporting Tom, after having had a great series of her own with a third place finish in the $2,500 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball event about two weeks ago.

Go Team Pokerati/PokerStars/Schneider!

UPDATE: Tom now sitting in third place on leaderboard. From Karridy: @DonkeyBomber busts 2 players at the featured table and is now over 4 Million in chips in the WSOP Main Event. Appx 125 players left.

3 Comments to “ESPN and PokerStars Notice Tom Schneider (and Julie)”

  1. Ed

    If Tom wins this…will he forget about us little people?

  2. DanM

    um, where’s his patch!? i think he gets a penalty for that.

  3. Ed

    Dan, I think I see it under the PS patch.