Newsweek on National Poker Week

by , Jul 24, 2009 | 10:23 pm

Nothing we don’t already know … but again, good that the national non-poker media is at least aware. And if we learned anything from our efforts in Texas over the post several years, the media still loves poker-related legal stories. Something to keep in mind when we make a more serious push.

the biggest problem for poker enthusiasts appears to be an already crowded legislative agenda. Frank has pushed his bill off until September.

I almost forgot that when this National Poker Week was conceived, it was supposed to coincide with active hearings. Can’t help but wonder how that might’ve made things different.

2 Comments to “Newsweek on National Poker Week”

  1. BJ Nemeth

    I keep hearing/reading about all the support that poker has in the House of Representatives, but we’re not going to get anywhere without the Senate. We could have 200 supporters in the House, and still lose a vote there. Without some Senators willing to stick their necks out for our cause, we’re drawing dead after the flop.

  2. DanM

    Great point. And frankly, we can’t get anywhere in the Senate without Harry Reid, whom we do NOT have.

    However, Howard Lederer was able to get a 1-on-1 with Reid. That’s pretty friggin’ huge … as a simple $4,800 donation (or whatever the legal max is) isn’t enough for most people to get that kind of time with him.