November Nine Betting Odds

by , Jul 27, 2009 | 2:30 pm

Our good friends at Betfair have released the betting lines — already moving — for the final table of the WSOP main event. Current market numbers:

Darvin Moon – 4.2
Eric Buchman – 5.8
Steven Begleiter – 7.2
Phil Ivey – 8
Jeff Shulman – 8
Joseph Cada – 16.5
Kevin Schaffel – 17.5
James Akenhead – 19
Antoine Saout – 21

Bodog’s lines are a tiny bit different, at least at the top:

Darvin Moon – 17/10
Eric Buchman – 3/1
Phil Ivey – 4/1
Jeff Shulman – 4/1
Steven Begleiter – 4/1
Joe Cada – 10/1
Kevin Schaffel – 12/1
Antoine Saout – 12/1
James Akenhead – 22/1

Am I the only one who thinks being chip leader is virtually a kiss of death?

9 Comments to “November Nine Betting Odds”

  1. axom

    The Betfair odds are much better for all the players apart from James Akenhead..who like betfair are from the UK…..any connection?

  2. Poker Shrink

    Jamie Gold the last FT chipleader to win?

  3. DanM

    i’m pretty sure of that. not certain, though.

  4. Poker Shrink

    Eastgate 3rd
    Yang 8th
    Gold 1st
    Hachem 6th
    Raymer 1st

  5. DanM

    ah, thanks for that info … and i think we already know there’s a big difference between raymer and moon.

  6. Poker Shrink

    Moneymaker 1st
    Varkonyi 4th

  7. DanM

    ok, i may or may not hear you. not listening. [covering ears] la-la-la-la-la [/covering ears]

  8. Poker Shrink

    Actually if we looked at all WSOP events it would appear that the ME has a higher chipleader win rate than the preliminary events, at least in the past seven years or so.

  9. Johnny Hughes

    Dumb question. Is that four to one, or four for one.