(Non-Poker) Podcast Talking Poker: The Black Whole

by , Jul 21, 2009 | 6:41 pm

I just busted out of the wild-n-crazy USO/PPA charity tourney benefitting wounded vets. Jordan Morgan clearly doesn’t respect my play … how else could he, with monster stack, call my M=3 all-in UTG with only A-9? Crap … though I did flop runner-runner outs, alas my 2-4 didn’t get there.

Anyhow, might be for the best, as I’ll be making an appearance in about a half hour to talk Phil Ivey, poker, and the WSOP on a show called The Black Whole:


Tune in live at 10:15 Eastern, or listen to the podcast later. (I’ll be the white guy.) Should be good, barber-shoppy times + poker.

UPDATE: Here’s the podcast. Poker talk starts about 34 minutes in … but honestly, all the good stuff on this show comes before then:

2 Comments to “(Non-Poker) Podcast Talking Poker: The Black Whole”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    Listening to the show live, and this guy’s reason why Ivey didn’t want to be on the ESPN feature table on day 1d is completely wrong.

    Comparing western Maryland to Kentucky?

  2. danm

    I hear ya kev, I probably chose the wrong time to let the other guy get airtime.I was ready to correct, or at least offer an alternative explanation, but then the show ended! But thanks for listening, lol.