RE: On to Day 5

It’s really about back to hanging on

by , Jul 12, 2009 | 8:26 am

I said at the end of play yesterday: “Today was the fight for the money. Tomorrow is the fight for the real money,”

That’s not really correct. In fact, it’s pretty inaccurate … at least the second part, about Day 5.

The prize jumps that should be reached today are relatively small. Click here to see the prize payouts again.

404th place pays $27k.

If we lose more than half the remaining field today, we’ll be up to $37k. That’s a lot of fight necessary for just a single buy-in to next year’s main event.

The “big money” doesn’t kick in until about 72nd place … where the payouts jump from $69k to $90k, and then every few spots of survival from there translate into the kind of money jump of which the IRS is likely to take note.

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