RE: RE: Day 1d Sells Out, Big Names Shut Out

by , Jul 6, 2009 | 2:36 pm

Ahh, should be a fun test to see how this plays out. Jeffrey Pollack is to address the mob shortly. From @TaoPauly:

Commissioner Pollack will address the disgruntled players at the Poker Palooza at 2:30pm.

Correction… Antonius is in the field according to ESPN. Lindgren at feature table. Eastgate at secondary table.

Lots of conflicting reports of favoritism. Sully Erna got in now & players in the Diamond Registration line were told to return at 3pm.

I can’t see how anyone could/should be shocked if Diamond players get first dibs. That’s kinda how casinos work, no? When I had Fawcett’s Diamond parking pass, I could get valet parking even when they said “valet full”.

But still … Pollack conceivably bidding farewell to at least a few customers for life, via @JoeSebok:

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