Rumorati: Poker Media Shake-ups, Shuffles

by , Jul 24, 2009 | 11:24 am

We all knew this sorta thing would be coming … but how it would come (and continue to shake down) is, of course, a little less clear. The buzz:

  • Matthew Parvis has resigned from his position as editor-in-chief of Bluff. This is confirmed fact.
  • Supposedly he is headed to Not confirmed, and in what capacity not sure.
  • Lance Bradley will take over as EIC of Bluff. Confirmed, and makes sense, since he has previously served as the top editor of Bluff’s website, and by proxy,, which Bluff loses control of any day now.
  • Nick Geber has reportedly been “fired” from Bluff, or at least “let go”. Not confirmed … circumstances unclear. Nick is supposedly a part-owner of Bluff Media, too … so extra layer of complexity there.

Interesting … to at least about a dozen or so Pokeratizens. Also, we can go ahead and debunk the wild rumor started here that Nick Geber’s kerfuffle at Bluff was sparked by his intent to go to to replace SangyFarha. Simply not true.

15 Comments to “Rumorati: Poker Media Shake-ups, Shuffles”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    It would explain Nick’s disappearance from the ESPN360 broadcasts this year, forced to listen to Dan Goldman.

  2. BJ Nemeth

    Why would it explain his disappearance from ESPN360, when he was still appearing on the Bluff broadcasts? And wasn’t his absence from ESPN360 only temporary, after the behind-the-scenes YouTube video hit the internet?

    I’m legitimately asking these questions, because I never watched any of the webcasts, and didn’t always know who was in the booth for what episodes — nor did I know what was a Bluff webcast and what was an ESPN360 webcast. The crew in the final table area was the same for both.

    And Dan, list me as someone who definitely did *not* know this sort of thing was coming. I had no idea. (Though I didn’t spend much time in media row this year.)

  3. Kevin Mathers

    Nick was supposed to do broadcasts that would air on either Bluff’s site or on ESPN360.

  4. DanM

    and don’t forget pkr! (lol.)

    BJ, you were one of the dozen pokeratizens whom i figured would be interested in it.

  5. BJ Nemeth

    I am definitely interested in this news, especially since I didn’t see it coming. I’m curious to see where Parvis ends up, because he’s a really good guy and I respect his work. I think Lance will continue to do a great job at Bluff in his new role.

  6. Johnny Hughes

    Matthew Parvis is a great guy, and his contribution to the premeir poker magazine was tremendous. Bluff was number one, and will continue to be.

  7. Andrew

    Kev/Dan — The ESPN360 thing was completely separate…from what I know. If I had more info, I’d share, but unfortunately do not.

  8. Bluff-Insider

    Nick WAS fired from Bluff. The only thing that I can say is that he had it coming more than anybody can possibly imagine.

  9. DanM

    now now BI, no need to get nasty and kick a guy while he may or may not be down …

  10. Kevin Mathers

    Looks like you know your stuff Dan:

  11. DanM

    i’ll claim semi-know.

    you know, i am hearing some stuff about Geber’s firing — and yes, it was a firing — involving criminal allegations. but i don’t have it solid enough yet to spread what i am hearing about why he is gone.

  12. California Jen

    Funny that when I posted the video in the summer of Geber making “inappropriate statements” about his employees, everyone was pretty quick to defend him. It seems that may have been the least inappropriate thing he was doing… Will wait for something official before commenting further.

  13. BJ Nemeth

    You guys are such teases …

  14. DanM

    BJ, aren’t you supposed to be driving right now. I’ve got the dirt for you if you want it, but it’s too serious (even for me) to publish willy-nilly.

  15. Bluff Magazine

    Dan is correct. Nick has been dismissed from his job at Bluff Media. I cannot get into the reason, but safe to say this was a long time coming.

    Randy Ward has taken on the Nicks role with Bluff Media and will head up or radio and TV division.