Schneider Out in 52nd

Team Pokerati, Great White Hope done for Series

by , Jul 14, 2009 | 5:10 pm


Down to his last 1.12 million, the 2007 World Series of Poker Player of the Year Tom Schneider pushed all in from middle position, and got a caller in Marc Etienne McLaughlin from the small blind.

McLaughlin turned over [cards]9s 9d[/cards] and Schneider tabled [cards]Ah 7d[/cards] . The flop came [cards]5d 6s ks[/cards] and the turn the [cards]7c[/cards] . Schneider was down to his last card, looking for another seven or an ace.

The river brought the [cards]kc[/cards] , and Schneider is out in 52nd place. He gets $138,568, and a big hug from his supportive wife, Julie.

McLaughlin now has 3.6 million.

Nice run, Tommy-boy, and as testament to the significance of the main event, this score likely moves him from last to first in the unofficial Team Pokerati Net-Results Challenge.

From Tao:

3:15pm… B-52… DonkeyBomber Eliminated in 52nd Place

Chip Leaders: Billy Kopp, Darvin Moon. Phil Ivey, Ludovic Lacay
Recent Eliminations: DonkeyBomber
Players Remaining: 49

DonkeyBomber lost a couple of pots before the break. AngryJulie went to fetch him a pizza so he could snack on his break. The railbirds are an integral part of the team in some cases, like a Nascar pit crew.

Bomber was short and made a stand with A-7. A French-Canuck called with 9-9. AngryJulie stood on the rail with an obstructed view and could not see the hands. “Do you have the pair or A-7?” she shouted.

“I have the Ace,” mumbled DonkeyBomber.

“That’s OK. I like it.”

The flop missed DonkeyBomber but he turned a seven to pick up a few outs. His Main Event came to an official close when he whiffed on the river. The DonkeyBomber was nevermore. A dejected AngryJulie fought back cheers as she joined in with a shower of applause. DonkeyBomber somberly walked over to the payout desk as his named was announced over the PA system, “The 2007 Player of the Year Tom Schneider from Scottsdale, Arizona was eliminated in 52nd place.”

“I’m proud of you!” shouted AngryJulie.

The two were followed by a camera crew as they walked through the vast emptiness of the Amazon Ballroom. At one point, they stopped and embarced for several seconds amidst the dimly lit room as a delicate clattering of chips echoed in the background. He disappeared into the crowd $138,568 richer, but he’ll tell you that this is the worst day of his life.

3 Comments to “Schneider Out in 52nd”

  1. Uncle Ray

    Great run, Tom. Sorry you didn’t go all the way, but all of us who follow you are extremely proud.

    You represent the best in poker and I’m really glad to know you, (electronically speaking), and what you’ve accomplished.

    I know it hurts to get knocked out, but 52nd out of over 6400!!! Wow!!

  2. melissa h

    grt run! i too am sorry you didnt make november nine but
    not for same the reasons your fellow playmates here at pokerati are though.
    im sorry you didnt make it because im now a fan of angry julie!
    i will miss her presence in the stands rooting you.
    the way she tells the people around her exactly how she feels and of course her chant of “thats the way we do it baby…
    im seriously considering changing my name to angry melissa.

    but im not sure i want to be a follower though, not my style!
    so ill remain a fan.
    best of luck to you both this year, melissa

  3. Tom Schneider

    thanks uncle ray and melissa. it was fun.