Tuesday Night Poker on ESPN

by , Jul 31, 2009 | 11:07 am

Apparently ESPN would make it easier for me to set my Tivo … here’s the episode-by-episode schedule of the 2009 WSOP on ESPN. My only question — and I can almost bet they’ve had this fight internally — is can’t they get at least one extra hour (or preferably two) for the semi-live coverage of the November Nine? I mean shee-ot, we want poker to be treated something like a sport, and yet poker’s version of the Super Bowl can’t even get as much airtime as an NFL pre-season game? Gives the producers so little to work with …

Anyhow, until then … coming up next: Tom McEvoy becomes “the Champion of Champions” by winning a car that he will sell before the end of the WSOP:


Show 3 Champions Invitational August 4 8pm-9pm
Show 4 Champions Invitational August 4 9pm-10pm
Show 5
Ante Up for Africa August 11 8pm-9pm
Show 6
Ante Up for Africa August 11 9pm-10pm

Main Event (24 Hours) August 18-November 3
Show 7 Day 1A 18-Aug 8pm-9pm
Show 8 Day 1B 18-Aug 9pm-10pm
Show 9 Day 1C 25-Aug 8pm-9pm
Show 10 Day 1D 25-Aug 9pm-10pm
Show 11 Day 2A 1-Sep 8pm-9pm
Show 12 Day 2A 1-Sep 9pm-10pm
Show 13 Day 2B 8-Sep 8pm-9pm
Show 14 Day 2B 8-Sep 9pm-10pm
Show 15 Day 3 15-Sep 8pm-9pm
Show 16 Day 3 15-Sep 9pm-10pm
Show 17 Day 4 22-Sep 8pm-9pm
Show 18 Day 4 22-Sep 9pm-10pm
Show 19 Day 5 29-Sep 8pm-9pm
Show 20 Day 5 29-Sep 9pm-10pm
Show 21 Day 5 29-Sep 10pm-11pm
Show 22 Day 6 6-Oct 10pm-11pm
Show 23 Day 6 13-Oct 9pm-10pm
Show 24 Day 6 13-Oct 10pm-11pm
Show 25 Day 7 20-Oct 9pm-10pm
Show 26 Day 7 20-Oct 10pm-11pm
Show 27 Day 7 27-Oct 9pm-10pm
Show 28 Day 8 27-Oct 10pm-11pm
Show 29 Day 8 3-Nov 9pm-10pm
Show 30 Day 8 3-Nov 10pm-11pm
Show 31 Final Table
(2 Hours) November 10 9pm – 11:00pm

One Comment to “Tuesday Night Poker on ESPN”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    November 10th, they’re running one of their “30 for 30” documentaries in the 8pm hour. I thought the talk was they’d go to 11:30 that day to show more heads-up. The problem is since the heads-up portion starts late Monday night, with no idea how long it will last. Throw in the fact that they upload the show by satellite that afternoon, you could see a similar scenario to last year.