WSOP Lego Circuit?

by , Jul 30, 2009 | 2:38 pm

Well not exactly … but WSOP-Europe isn’t too far away, and I just found this promotional video, which amused me:

6 Comments to “WSOP Lego Circuit?”

  1. BJ Nemeth

    Pretty cool to see a WSOP final table in LEGO form, though Hellmuth’s audio is really crappy and that hand wasn’t against Doyle Brunson.

    If that was some random fan, I’d think it was superb work. But if that’s an official commercial for BetFair’s promotion of the WSOP Europe, I think it could have been done better.

  2. Kevin Mathers

    Didn’t you put up a post a few months ago of last year’s WSOPE in Lego form with the various bad interviews and someone getting hit with a pan or something?

  3. DanM

    hmm, you might be right, kevin. never thought we would need a tag for “legos”, lol.

  4. BJ Nemeth

    Ahem … the LEGO company wouldn’t be pleased with you turning their trademark into a generic form like “legos.” The correct terminology is either LEGO bricks or LEGO toys. For tagging purposes, you should just go with “LEGO” or “Lego.”

    Please, let’s not delve into my connections to the LEGO company …

  5. DanM

    Wow … so you’re a Lego kid? Ha, I so wanna make fun, but I am the same way with 7-Eleven vs. 7-11.

  6. DanM

    And Kevin is right … here’s the other Lego vid:

    Also, btw, have discovered that we actually have four posts that discuss the pre-eminent brand of American building blocks … so I will create a Lego tag!®/