WSOPeople: Father Poker

by , Jul 10, 2009 | 11:37 am

While it in no way surprises me that a (Texas) priest would sneak off to Vegas to support his buddy in the WSOP main event … and I’m glad to hear it’s no sin to give gambling winnings to the Church … I can’t help but wonder what his Holiness would say about a man of the cloth wearing a PokerStars patch.

From WOAI:

Fr. Donald Kloster

“I say mass every day and we’ve been having mass up in our hotel room,” Father Kloster says. He admits, he prayed for his buddy to win the huge Texas Hold’em tournament, held in Las Vegas.

“I waited until it got pretty desperate in the second round to bless him, because I wanted to know what God’s will really was. It wasn’t him that was doing it. It was God.


“We got our answer. It wasn’t God’s will, and we’re fine with that.”

See, and who says there isn’t divine intervention on the river?

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