California Intrastate Online Poker: No More Reservations From Reservations?

by , Aug 13, 2009 | 8:50 am

The issue of legalizing intrastate online poker in California seemed like a longshot for quite awhile, as AB 2026 was introduced in February of 2008 and not much has happened since. Though there is no question that Cali could use some extra revenue, the tribal casinos seemed to be the biggest barrier to moving this initiative forward. No more! Morongo recently took the initiative to reach out to legislators and even promised to advance 1/2 of the $10 million it would take to establish the online poker network.

According to the Sacramento Bee:

A proposal being circulated among gambling interests calls for a management structure with two representatives from card clubs and two from tribes, including a permanent representative from the Morongo band.

The plan was discussed at a recent gathering of the Tribal Alliance of Sovereign Indian Nations. The group includes Morongo and powerful casino tribes including the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians in Palm Springs and the Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians in Temecula.

Morongo also circulated an e-mail inviting dozens of tribes for a conference call in which Forman and tribal councilman Damon Sandoval were to outline the “Morongo Initiative – Tribal Intrastate Poker Consortium.”

3 Comments to “California Intrastate Online Poker: No More Reservations From Reservations?”

  1. Jim

    Are you clueless? ONE California tribe is pushing this idea. NO others are on board…and opposition from other tribes is increasing each day that this scam is further exposed. Don’t count your cards yet …

  2. California Jen

    No need to insult, sir.

    I’m certainly not “in the know” on this issue because very little about it has been publicized, but it looks as if Morongo has some pull, and it wouldn’t be surprising if other casinos jumped on board as the potential to profit from this endeavor becomes clearer.

    If you’re calling it a scam, I’d be interested to know why…

  3. scott diamond

    If the local Indian casinos San Manuel, Pechanga, Morongo,who are the largest out of the several in So.Cal could merge and starta regulated on line site, it would be HUGE.

    The problem is regulation. Who regulates these casinos and the payouts of there slots now?

    Vegas has a gaming commission that says all slots must have around 87% return (I think thats a close number) The Indian casinos here can make them what ever they want.