Watch Episode 2 of Face the Ace

by , Aug 10, 2009 | 7:10 am

Since less than 1,500,000 people watched the original run of the episode last Saturday – which featured someone playing for $1,000,000 – here’s another opportunity. Now the show will air monthly on Saturdays starting September 12.

10 Comments to “Watch Episode 2 of Face the Ace”

  1. Ed

    I am enjoying this show more than I thought I would. It was fun watching your “average joe” play a pro and then decide if they wanted to play the next one or run with the money.

  2. scott diamond

    The Soprano guy trying to act Italian brings out a Pizza for the contestants to eat.. I thought of Tiffany’s french frie debacle here…
    Also Pizza is not Italian, the Chinese invented it…should have been a good meat Ball a sandwich 🙂

  3. Uncle Ray

    The saddest part about the pizza delivery was that the guy that was playing was from the Chicago area and they brought out a silly New York style pizza. The guy should have said to Steve “That’s not pizza where I come from.”

  4. DanM

    Uncle Ray … Doyle Brunson and Mike Ditka heads up for a $1million … Brunson’s got a 9:1 chip lead and just flopped a set of aces … who do you like?

  5. JaKat

    Looks like the Mormons aren’t a fan of the show either.

  6. Ed

    Good thing there are no mormons here.

  7. Uncle Ray

    Dan, the easy Chicago answer is Ditka, especially since I don’t like favorites and Ditka and I share the same birthday, but Doyle’s gotta win this one.

  8. DanM

    What if Doyle keels over mid-game, Phil Ivey takes over for him, and Ditka channels the powers of Walter Payton on a flop of A-2-5?

  9. scott diamond

    I’m guessing its the great Walters Football number…34?

  10. DanM