Awesomest Stupid Poker Promo Gimmick of the Month

by , Sep 2, 2009 | 8:16 pm

Seriously, it’s 2005 again, right? Remember, Juha Helppi and Robert Varkonyi were playing underwater, or maybe it was on an iceberg? Regardless … while on first glance this gets more eyeroll and groan than live-event invitations to Michael Phelps, Lady Gaga, Barack Obama, Sasquatch, and Superman … the idea of Mike Sexton and Tom Dwan playing against some Danish online qualifiers while dangling over the streets of Copenhagen? Yeah, I can dig …

From a poker perspective, it’s actually an interesting concept: Let’s force difficult poker decisions under conditions that guarantee a little extra heart-pumping, with some extra life-on-the-line chemicals in the bloodstreams. Though that’s about as gimmicky as you can get, gotta say, I think I’d be really interested in seeing this on TV — bring back some heart monitors and attach everyone to bungee cords for when they get knocked out! And maybe sprinkle the set with bread crumbs to attract the railbirds …

Click below for full details from da.PartyPoker:


2nd September 2009 — and Ace Magazine have teamed up to create Poker in the Sky, which will take place on Friday 11 September in Copenhagen. Poker in the Sky literally rises above everything that you’ve seen before on the Danish poker scene! Floating high above the Town Hall, surrounded by Copenhagen and the spires of the city, 22 poker players will play against two celebrities with town hall-doves as the nearest spectators!

The 22 poker players will be hoisted 50 metres in the air by a crane at City Hall Square in Copenhagen. Hovering over the capital the poker players will compete against each other in a four hour long poker tournament.

A spokesman for said: “Poker is a high octane game, and we want to give the Danish poker players a special experience that will really boost their adrenaline levels. We have an expectation that it will be the most spectacular poker event Copenhagen has ever seen. More details on those involved will be released shortly.”

Two of the 22 seats around the poker table will be occupied by two celebrities, but some of the remaining seats are still open and players who are interested, and do not suffer from a fear of heights, have the opportunity to win a seat to the finals on the square at Please note that these qualifiers are open to residents of Denmark only.and there is only one chance remaining to win a seat online on Thursday 3 September. See for more information.

The 22 poker players will not only have a great view of Copenhagen, the winner of the game will scoop a package for the World Open V in London in October. The line-up at this prestigious event includes ‘Ambassador of Poker’ Mike Sexton and Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan. The Danish winner of the Poker in the Sky wins flights, hotel and a $10,000 buy-in for the tournament in London, which will be broadcast on television worldwide.

13 Comments to “Awesomest Stupid Poker Promo Gimmick of the Month”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    Sexton and Durr are playing at the London event, not in Copenhagen.

  2. DanM

    Seriously, am I that out of it? so off my game I suppose with type-edit errors in a comment, name misspellings in a hedline/post, and now missing a whole concept.

    with that said, it does say two of the in-the-sky seats will be for “celebrities”. maybe they just haven’t asked sexton and durrr yet?

  3. Kevin Mathers

    I can’t see why either of them would do this, I’m sure they’ll find two “celebrities” in Copenhagen to take part in this.

    As to the question if you’re out of it, I just chalk it up to bad positioning of Sexton and Durr to give people the impression that Sexton/Dwan will actually be in Copenhagen.

  4. BJ Nemeth

    Penn & Emily Jillette just had dinner on one of these “in-the-sky” contraptions in Las Vegas last Saturday, and she sent out a TwitPic of it here:

    Definitely seems like a unique and interesting thing to do, and it would make for a memorable wedding proposal (or ceremony) if you’re into gimmicky wedding proposals (or ceremonies).

  5. BJ Nemeth

    A better view of the contraption itself in this TwitPic:

    According to the caption, Perry Friedman and his fiancee (wife?) were also there. Am I jealous? Yeah, I am. But on my budget, I have much better uses for however-many-dollars that cost.

  6. anonymous


  7. Ben Matlock

    My vote? Jean Robert Bellande and Phil Hellmuth….and when they get voted off/lose the table, they just drop them off…hmmmm…I like the sound of that!

  8. Paboo

    From the Teller’s seat straps:

  9. Dave

    Betfair did the same thing last year…don’t think it really worked as a pr stunt….maybe good as a staff day out!

    Here’s a link to the video though I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are desperate to see Annette_15 in a fur coat…not sure about the no knickers though…

  10. DanM

    I think you definitely need bungee cords and heart monitors to make it work. And maybe have them playing against someone else in the comfort of their own home.

    I am quite intrigued, however, but the 22-player hold’em table.

  11. Kevin Mathers

    Those seats also recline, as shown in this video:

    Here’s bwin’s version of the “Poker in the Sky” stunt

    Here’s an article from a magazine in the 60’s mentioning holdem as a game that up to 22 could play together.

  12. Dave

    Seems like this Poker in the Sky company has convinced a few Poker PR people this would be a great stunt.


    Maybe 22-player tables should be compulsary online – definitely make people multi-table…..out of boredom.


    That first clip you linked to shows a guy called Matt Broughton..he made a great Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliot video if you have not seen it.

  13. DanM

    lol, so there’s not even anything original about it! for shame, then! as bad as the michael phelps faux invite to the APPT!