Houston Poker Room Gun Battle: 1 Robber Killed, 1 Player Injured

by , Sep 4, 2009 | 12:11 pm

Details are just coming in, but it took place in an underground game in southwest Houston late Wednesday night …

Three armed gunmen burst into a strip-mall game to rob it, and one of the players pulled out his own weapon and began firing. The player shot one of the bandits (whom police found dead in the parking lot) and the other two escaped. One player was hit and transported to Southwest Memorial Hospital with what appear to be non-critical wounds.

From the Houston Chronicle:

Sigh. This is what we saw in Dallas … The underground blossoms for a year or two, the police start raiding rooms … games move more underground … robberies follow the next year … eventually someone gets hurt. Expect a huge boom for poker business in the card rooms just across the Louisiana border in 2010.

UPDATE: More details here.

6 Comments to “Houston Poker Room Gun Battle: 1 Robber Killed, 1 Player Injured”

  1. Johnny Hughes

    TV cameras on the parking lots and door. Sawed-off shotguns inside. However, it is rude to carry your pistol into another man’s poker game. Its the same as legal to carry a gun at all times in your car. The one place I do not have a gun ready is in a poker game, casino or underground.

    Look at all the motels cropping up on the Red River. I sleep in Texas, and play poker in Oklahoma. You can have guns in your car, in your motel room, but not on Indian land. I doubt they mind guns in the car. Do they? It is a federal crime maybe.

    We’ve had a few heisters killed up here in West Texas. They need killing. I support that!

  2. DanM

    Johnny forget motels on the red river … the casinos there are opening their own big hotels now. and read the comments in the Houston Chronicle article for a glimpse of why Texans love people who carry guns (even Andy Griffith’s like me).

  3. Gabe

    Not that I’m a fan of guns in poker rooms, but I’d probably thank they guy who had the gun on him for helping save my life.

  4. Glen

    In the early part of the last century my grandfather was well known in West Texas as a crack shot with a pistol. However, this is not the early part of the last century, and I don’t live on the family farm. I live in Houston, and here’s what I don’t like. I don’t like people who think they need to walk around town with a piece strapped to their leg trying to characterize me as someone who “loves” them. Speak for yourself DanM.

  5. DanM

    hey Glen, what did I say? (Oh, wait, I can see now.) To be frank, I don’t fall in the same place as those commenters in the Houston Chronicle story. Yeah, it’s nice that they got one of the bad guys, but I think they are missing the point that multiple bullets are flying through the air — making a poker game WAY more dangerous than it had to be, or should be.

    When we started covering robberies a couple years ago, I knew it was only a matter of time before this happened. (Seriously, I said as much.) But what these players don’t realize is that they got lucky this time. Next time it could be Joe Average Recreational player who ends up dead and doesn’t go home to his wife and kids.

    My apologies for implying Texans “love” them. I am kinda an Andy Griffith on this matter — I don’t carry weapons, but I am OK with people who do. On the whole, I’ve found CHL carriers to be exactly the kinda people I want carrying guns … because for as nutty as some of them can be, they almost always respect the power of what they’re packing.

    “Accept” probably woulda been a better word for me to use than “Love”.

  6. Glen

    I think guns at the poker table make poker more dangerous. That’s not rocket science in view of the fact that one of the good guys ended up in the hospital. I wonder if the hospital bill was less than the cost of paying off the bad guy? However, your main point was that driving poker undground also makes poker dangerous, and on that I could not agree more. The best way to make it safe is to make it legal.