Jeff Shulman’s WSOP Final Table Coach: Phil Hellmuth

by , Sep 23, 2009 | 7:57 am is reporting …

“The simplest reason why I’m doing this — I want to win, and I think it will help,” said Shulman.

Shulman and Hellmuth’s relationship go way back, as the two have been friends for years, all the while maintaining a successful business relationship. Hellmuth was an obvious choice when Shulman started to seriously consider getting a coach for the final table.

“I turned on the TV and I was watching Tiger Woods or something, and I realized — every single player has a coach,” said Shulman. “No matter how good or bad my game is, it can always get better.”

While there are plenty of jokes to made about how yeah, Jeff Shulman stands to learn a lot about the business of being a professional poker a-hole … actually, what a good move!

Forget the betting and raising and reads … Hellmuth just gave ESPN a great story line, and guaranteed himself a lot of additional (sellable) airtime. (UB jersey allowed?) The 11-bracelet king of WSOP champions — who’s well-aware that people love to hate him — on the sidelines keeping the self-appointed November Nine bad guy in check? That’s gold, Jeffrey, gold I tell ya!

Whether or not Hellmuth ends up throwing a chair remains to be seen, but either way, it’s easy to see how Happy Shulman, by partnering with the Poker Brat, just gave WSOP Inc. a gift.

2 Comments to “Jeff Shulman’s WSOP Final Table Coach: Phil Hellmuth”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    When I posted this info on 2+2, someone commented:

    Hellmuth will be waiting in the Harrah’s dumpster for when Shulman throws the bracelet in the trash, then bingo – #12

  2. DanM

    that’s the best you guys got over there? predictable … 😛

    we of course all know a bracelet recouped from the rubbish bins wouldn’t be counted in the official records.