Not so PHabulous: Four Planet Hollywood Employees Arrested in Poker Room Scam

by , Sep 10, 2009 | 3:20 pm

Rumors of these arrests have floated around the forums the past week or so, but now The Las Vegas Sun reports the arrest of four casino supervisors and managers at the Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas. Johnathan Sanner, Jason Peterson and Thomas R. Kordick, of Las Vegas along with Scott Marshall of Henderson were charged with forgery, embezzlement or conspiracy in the false reporting of $2,201 in high hand jackpots for two instances in August.

5 Comments to “Not so PHabulous: Four Planet Hollywood Employees Arrested in Poker Room Scam”

  1. scott diamond

    Another Scheme where thieves try to get away with taking what is not theirs. where do these people come from? No morals were taught to them by their PARENTS?

    I copied this from another site

    Planet Hollywood Casino Workers Land in Jail for Poker Scheme

    September 10, 2009

    Last month four Las Vegas casino workers were accused of forging documents and stealing money from the Planet Hollywood Casino. The employees worked in the poker room as dealers and supervisors and were accused of creating false documents for jackpot winnings and splitting the money amongst themselves.

    Local police have stated that the four employees worked together to cheat money out of the casino by using a paper trail. The State Gaming Control Board stated that several times in August the employees claimed jackpots for high hands that were never won. The employees forged the signatures of false players and took home money in the thousands.

    The four workers were arrested by the Gaming Control Board who was tipped off by another worker who felt like something was going on. The four conspirators now face several charges including conspiracy, forgery and theft.

    The four employees had opportunity to take the money as poker rooms are not as heavily surveillance as the main gaming floor. Not to mention the employees were in a place of power being supervisors and dealers. If the other employee of the casino had not tipped off the authorities the four would most likely have continued their scheme, taking more money from the casino in the process.

  2. zachdealer

    wow I knew one of those guys as I did an audition there and had to call every week to that damn room.

  3. jim donant

    Seems to happen at Choctaw Casino too.

  4. Marvin C

    How stupid can they be? Risking losing their jobs and jail for $2,200. It’s sort of like going all-in to win the blinds on the first hand of the WSOP.

  5. beth

    Wow, I knew Thomas K. and I always figured he was no good. You could just see it in his eyes……