Man wins Borgata ladies’ event,
Lawsuit over theft of “Face the Ace”

by , Sep 13, 2009 | 12:27 pm

Some strange happenings in poker this Sunday:

Abraham Korotki, a WSOP Circuit Main Event winner in 2006, beat formidable odds to take down the $300 Borgata Ladies’ event on Saturday for just under $21,000. The “last woman standing”, Nicole Rowe, who recently discovered she had breast cancer, finished 2nd, good for just under $12,000.

On the Left Coast, reports that Poker PROductions, the makers of the NBC show Face The Ace, is being sued for $85,000,000 by Brandon McSmith, who said the company “stole” his idea called “The All-Star Poker Challenge”. McSmith’s idea consisted of a player having to defeat five pros in a series of heads-up matches to win prize money and a $10,000 WSOP Main Event seat, with the contestant having the option to risk their winnings after conquering their opponent. This lawsuit appears to top Gambling Times’ lawsuit against Scott Lazar for $1,000,000 for lack of product placement in the poker movie “Deal”, which grossed under $100,000 in lawsuits that will go nowhere.

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Man wins Borgata ladies’ event,
Lawsuit over theft of “Face the Ace””

  1. pdxsean

    That guy is going to have to get in line, because NBC actually stole my idea for a show where the host sucks, the game format sucks, the play is insulting, the guests are terrible, and the scheduling is done drunkenly.

    I do need to follow McSmith’s example, however, and have Dr. Evil advise me on the compensatory damages.

  2. Uncle Ray

    Actually, the only thing that on the surface sounds ridiculous is the money. IF the guy actually pitched the idea and they tinkered with it to come up with the game that NBC broadcast, he’s probably right. They stole his idea.

    A concept doesn’t have to be good to be stolen. And who knows. If the idea were handled better by everyone from NBC down, it might have been more successful.

    The guy may be a nut just looking for publicity, but big corporations, including poker sites and television networks, have been crooked before and they’ll be crooked again.

    Let’s wait for the facts before judging the lawsuit.

    By the way, if any of you know or know of the plaintiff and have some pertinent info that would make be see him as more crooked than Poker PROductions or NBC (other than the amount of the lawsuit), post a comment so I can be enlightened.

  3. Brandon McSmith

    The issue is that they stoled the idea. Poker PROductions had the chance to do the show with me, instead they chosed to steal it. NBC was no better they were provided with the evidence that my claim had merit. I’ll go one better NBC was provided evidence that Poker PROductions lied about NBC’s own involvement in the creation of the show to cover the fact they stoled the idea from me. Armed with the truth. I’m just waiting to have my day in court and I will be fine with the outcome as long as I know I didn’t just lay down and let Poker PROductions & NBC roll over me just because they have the Money, Power and Means to do so.