Inside Deal w/ Joe Cada

by , Oct 20, 2009 | 8:53 am

It’s Tuesday, which means a new episode of’s Inside Deal, featuring November Nine participant Joe Cada along with news spanning the poker community.

2 Comments to “ Inside Deal w/ Joe Cada”

  1. nexgen

    I keep hearing about this show but have not seen it yet. I think it’s time to set the VCR. Do they plan to talk to Phil Ivey? If anyone knows.

  2. DanM

    So dude, Chris C/nexgen … are you familiar with how spammers are treated in internet communities? just an fyi that we always appreciate intelligent comments, but trying to get your link up on posts gratuitously doesn’t really fly.

    this show doesn’t air on TV. it airs on the internet. like right here, on pokerati. just go ahead and click and it plays. no need to set a VCR … which i’m pretty sure no one uses any more anyhow.