Matt Savage in the LA Times (Business Section)

by , Oct 31, 2009 | 3:58 pm

Good story in some non-poker media on Matt Savage, tournament director at the Commerce Casino in California … specifically about what it takes to keep players happy (and business churning) at the largest poker room in the world (160 tables) when your job is to entice customers into events — bad economy and all — where 90 percent of them are guaranteed to go home losers.

More challenging than a lotta people think …

One Comment to “Matt Savage in the LA Times (Business Section)”

  1. driver

    Good stuff on Matt Savage. By all accounts he’s an equally great tourney director as he is a person. Here’s to hoping he can help Bay 101 do a better job of feeding into the Shooting Stars and perhaps create another good prelim or two.