Poker Homicide Updates

by , Oct 28, 2009 | 9:50 am



James McDaniel gets sentenced today. McDaniel, of course, is the smooth-talking, purple-suit-wearing rogue Dallas underground-poker-room-operator/drug-dealer convicted in June for contributing to the overdose death of SMU coed Meaghan Bosch. Good money says he will go to prison for the rest of his life … as he was already on parole after serving 20 years for the murder of a former Dallas cop before he got into the underground poker scene. Jurors in the Bosch case were not told his past murder conviction, nor were they allowed to consider allegations from up to a dozen young women claiming they were drugged and raped inside his poker room, some of them apparently on video.

UPDATE: McDaniel did indeed get life. He is currently in custody at Seagoville’s federal prison, but will likely be sent to a less comfortable state prison to finish out his old murder sentence before being sent back to Seagoville for his time on Bosch’s death.

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Meanwhile, Swedish police are still looking for clues around Europe in the murder of PokerListings founder Andreas Oscarsson. They’ve concluded that indeed his killing was carefully planned by a professional hitman — with his family home fully staked out, exits noted, etc. … allowing the killer to break into the house and fire six silenced shots into Oscarsson and then leave without waking his six family members also asleep in the house that night. And while no motive has been disclosed, apparently investigators have unearthed at least a few death threats against him. and possibly have ruled out some Latvians.

Click here and here for Google translations of the latest from Hungarian news reports.

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And Daniel Dean will get a new trial in the death of fellow amateur poker player Mark Urch. The two players were involved in a drunken dispute over hands in an Australian amateur pub tourney, and when they took matters outside, Dean leveled Urch with a single punch to the head, a blow that caused his death a couple days later. Australian courts sentenced Dean to seven years for manslaughter (eligible for release in May 2011). However, an appeals court threw out the conviction last month and ordered a retrial, on the grounds that the judge may have misinformed the jury about provocation and self-defense matters of law.

There’s a Daniel Dean support group on Facebook.

7 Comments to “Poker Homicide Updates”

  1. Paulsons

    That first story is unreal! Poker gets such a bad name from things like this. They should have fried him.

  2. DanM

    Most of us who knew James, I think, are hardly surprised. Meaghan happened to cross paths with him at a time where SMU’s drug/alcohol problem had reached a tipping point, as she was one of three students to die of an overdose in a 6-month period.

  3. Poker Dude

    Very interesting to watch Dallas poker move further and further “underground” over the past 5 years….sad indeed.

    Dan, I was curious if you had any more info regarding the Houston poker room where the burglar was shot and killed. In particular I was curious if anyone was charged in the case/if the game runner is still around or behind bars.

    Love the site.

  4. DanM

    no charges as far as i know. self defense. At least that was the sitch last I checked a month or so ago.

  5. madness222

    Very sad to know! Always drugs and Alcohol kills… Better to play Online Casino

  6. Hungarian

    I’m hungarian and read those articles. I want to point out that there’s no speaking of latvian familys that’s a translation misunderstanding. Latvian means lett in hungarian but it also means something different: “A vizsgálatok kizárták, hogy a tettes egy családtag lett volna.” Google says: The studies were excluded, that the culprit was a Latvian family. But really its: The studies were exclude the possibility of the cuplrit being a family member!!!

  7. DanM

    thank you very much for the translation clarification! obviously google translations can give you a sense of what something says, but very limited.