Amateur Poker T-Shirts

by , Nov 3, 2009 | 4:44 pm

Some more fun stuff from World Tavern Poker Open this weekend … their promotional swag shirts feature the catchy slogan “Great Parties. Great Poker. Great People.” But beyond that, we saw a few other gems on poker players around downtown, including:

You know what they say … first rule of poker is “never fold”.

Chip, chair, beer … Nice! And the whiner shirt, I gotta think, would work just as well in the high-stakes pro world.

And since we have been talking a lot about ladies and women in poker recently, I found this one rather appropriate:

And of course part of the reason this shirt is relevant is because women in poker constantly have to deal with guys like this at the table:

One Comment to “Amateur Poker T-Shirts”

  1. Gabriel Chase

    I’m going to use that whining line from now on.