Donald Trump bets and Andy Beal raises.

by , Nov 27, 2009 | 9:43 am

An Atlantic City newspaper reported that Donald Trump and Andy Beal are battling for control of three Trump Casinos. I have to admit if I had the chance to rail bird this match live, I’d be wearing my “Go Andy Beal” T-shirt and maybe a great big button of his face, too.

2 Comments to “Donald Trump bets and Andy Beal raises.”

  1. DanM

    Interesting to see that they describe him as “poker player” in the first line.

    I’m rooting for Andy Beal, too, I think … because I have his (assistant’s) phone number, and it makes a point about Texas casino money leaving the state? Wait, maybe that’s a bad thing … or a better thing assuming Beal makes a profit on his investment?

    Not really sure how numbers that big work, I suppose. But I would take Beal over Trump in a fist fight.

  2. Losty

    GOOO Andy!

    Stack them up.. up. up..

    OK, I’ll stop now,

    Goodness that line still gives me chills..