Bustout Queen

Linda pitches bad beats to Ivey, Begleiter, Shulman, Buchman

by , Nov 8, 2009 | 6:24 am

Linda Tran delivered the harsh bad beats to Phil Ivey, Steve Begleiter, and in the hand pictured here, Jeff Shulman.

This is her second time dealing the WSOP November Nine … it was her birthday … and I caught up with her (on a ledge actually) to find out what it’s been like to (repeatedly) deliver the bad news, perhaps to the detriment of dealer tips.

Bustout Queen

UPDATE: Buchman out at her hand now, too.

WHAT ARE the odds: She’s busted out via bad beat three Jews and a black guy. All the white/Euro hands held up. Just-sayin’ …

11 Comments to “Bustout Queen ”

  1. zachdealer

    She forgot to mention who’s dream she is living!

    Good job on getting that T.V. time

  2. zachdealer

    well for some reason I can’t edit that, came out wrong.


  3. dealer

    yall still together?

  4. DanM

    zach, if you are referring to your own dream … i probably shouldn’t tell you that one of the other dealers at the final table (sorry, don’t know his name) looked almost exactly like you. white guy with your build and close-cropped hair! his pitch was ALMOST as good as yours, too, lol.

  5. Card Chucker

    It’s funny, because in the interview you said that the 2 outter was the worse bad beat she handed in a major tourney and she tried to correct you, but I’m sure both of you were buzzing with Red Bulls by the time the interview went down. Here’s the clip from last year’s final table that was a 1 outter, and on top of it Dennis Philips flips the muck cards over, which caused more than a cringe in Ms Tranwreck’s pretty little face.

  6. Card Chucker

    Oh, thanks for the heads up on no embedding Dan! Well the link is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1eJMAovHiE

  7. DanM

    sorry dude, we’re always teching things up (or down) here. but they’ve been kind enough to give me embedding powers:

    (note: we’ll add it to the master pokerati site-fix to-do list, allowing registered users to embed.)

  8. Card Chucker

    You can register to be an official Pokeratian? I better get on the ball.

  9. Kevin Mathers

    Wait until you hear about all the benefits you get by being a Pokeratian!

  10. waldoworld

    Linda is…The Executioner! They should do a dealer feature on her. She does a great job with all the added pressure of being on TV dealing the biggest poker game there is. I was way nervous dealing the final table for the River tourney a couple years ago and it was nothing to the scale of the WSOP. Way to go Linda!

  11. smith

    also known as “being pearl harbored”