First $1,000,000 pot played online

by , Nov 21, 2009 | 7:55 pm

Patrik Antonius and Isildur1 butted heads for some 500/1000 action Saturday night, eventually getting involved in a pot worth over $1.35m, the biggest hand in the history of online poker (for now). To see how it happened, check out the video below:

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6 Comments to “First $1,000,000 pot played online”

  1. Beanie

    You beat me to it Kev. Most people are going to look at this without knowing that this kid was taking on Phil Ivey and Antonius at the exact same time! In fact, he started off playing Holdem with Ivey and Omaha with Antonius before asking Ivey to play Omaha. I guess he lost like 3.5 million but I don’t ever recall anyone playing possibly the two best at the same exact time. That says something about this kid and what he thinks his abilities are.

  2. tc in dc

    Hahah, I love how it says “rake: 50 cents.”

  3. Beanie

    when the match ended Isildur1 said “gg” to Ivey, Ivey then said to him “thanks”. I am sure he just caught Ivey off guard but it came off like “yeah, it was a gg, by me”.

  4. zachdealer

    that hand was just a complete gamble with a wrap. in plo your opponant can easily have aa vs your kk. This is a stupid hand

  5. DanM

    It really seems amazing that Isildur loses that hand … I had to look back to figure out why the pot was shipped to Antonius!

    Does anyone know the odds in PLO? Isildur had three 3s, three 6s, three 7s, and three 8s that woulda given him the win. 12 outs two times = slight dog?

  6. Beanie

    It’s a lot closer than most people would think and the preflop action was quite strong. We have a percentage calculator for our holdem hands, we used to have it for omaha too. Problem is the calculations for omaha would take up so many resources, so we are looking at bringing that back at some point but it is not a huge priority at this point.