First Peek at CityCenter Poker Room

by , Nov 30, 2009 | 8:43 am

It’s been conventional wisdom around LV for nearly two years that as goes the fate of CityCenter, so goes the fate of Las Vegas. The multibillion-dollar project and biggest construction endeavor since the Pyramids (and maybe the Great Wall of China?) has had its shaky ups and downs … Five workers have died building it, and the project almost was abandoned under bankruptcy until Dubai World bailed out MGM/Mirage, which saw a 10 percent drop in stock price Friday after Wall Street learned of Dubai’s own $60 billion debt problems. But the stock price did rebound …

The artistically bent glass-and-steel center-Strip monstrosity begins opening in phases tomorrow, with the Aria casino putting cards in the air on Dec. 16.

Your very quick look at the newest poker room in Las Vegas — at what’s supposed to be the crown jewel of the MGM/Mirage gambling empire — comes at 1:37. Cheesy (but apt) poker metaphor at 1:54.

5 Comments to “First Peek at CityCenter Poker Room”

  1. OhCaptain

    Too bad the bloggers leave before it opens.

  2. zachdealer

    whatever I tried to get a job there in the poker room, all they are doing is bringing over there bellagio and other mgm dealers over.

  3. pdxsean

    From that quick glimpse, the poker room looks pretty cool. Too bad MGM/Mirage doesn’t have much of a track record with their poker room tournaments…

  4. rolledup

    The Aria poker room has a top notch staff, comfortable chairs, and great parking!A++

  5. DanM

    the problem with new rooms is that standards aren’t totally set yet, and they seem to attract annoying players who think they have all the right ideas on how EVERYTHING should or should not be done.

    I played in the room for the first time yesterday. Loved the room itself, but loathed the players at my table more so than in just about any other poker experience.

    I look forward to kicking their asses again some day.