New Off-Table Poker on TV: Poker2Nite

by , Nov 16, 2009 | 1:54 pm

A new show launches this week on Fox Sports … Poker2Night … starring Joe Sebok and Scott Huff. I’m not sure if this few-holds-barred-poker-news concept makes The Poker Beat more of a fluffer or a clean-up man, but regardless … good on Ultimate Bet for buying time in a way that helps elevate poker to the level of other sports that have weekly news shows covering the baseball/football/soccer/foosball/whatever biz.

Wednesdays at 11 pm … time zone/cable-service-provider variance not yet clear:

Early tip on improving the show without having seen any of it: More Wolfman!

@Poker2Nite on twitter.

5 Comments to “New Off-Table Poker on TV: Poker2Nite”

  1. Zack

    This guys story is simply unbelievable: John Morrison, ‘The Sports Betting Champ” wins an astounding 97% of his NBA and MLB sports bets.
    He makes $70,000 a week… You have to See This! [spam link removed]

  2. DanM

    good luck with that Zack. I will bet you a huge line that this spamming does not get the dude on the show.

  3. Pauly

    I’m calling bullshit. If that clown is hitting 97% of his bets, why is he only making $70,000 a week? If you said 700K, I’d believe you.

  4. james

    Does anyone know what the poker2nite tournaments on ub are about? If you win what do you get, a spot on this show?

  5. ChrisC

    First off I would like to say that I am not a gambling guru, in fact I am at best an average poker player at best. I do on the other hand have a degree in math. With that said let me tell you this Zack, If this gut could win 97% of his bets he would work for a vegas company making the lines and much more than 70k a week. Statistically it would be nearly impossible to win that much against a group of people with that track record. It would be possible to do for a week, or maybe two, but that would be a stretch. To do it over the period of months would be about as likely as winning the power ball on the same day as getting hit by lightning.

    The vegas odds makers from a math standpoint are truly amazing! This split the line 50-50 across the board almost every season in every sport! (there are exceptions so dont bother pointing them out, but there are very close)

    Anyway I must say I am a fan of Joe Seabok and this is the first I have heard of this and I will check it out.