Phil Ivey on E:60

by , Nov 4, 2009 | 7:00 pm

Here’s the ESPN E:60 segment in case you missed it. His first job: flipping burgers at McDonald’s. Parents briefly felt like failures when his life turned all-casino. He’s been technically homeless, sleeping under a bridge in Atlantic City. Built his bankroll by taking his last $50k and turning it into 2 Months $2 million. And eventually, he was the MVP helping “The Corporation” felt Andy Beal for 8-figures +.

Great stuff from a non-pokery ESPN reporter who gets to find out firsthand what it’s like being the craps cooler Ivey believes cost him more than $240k.

2 Comments to “Phil Ivey on E:60”

  1. ChrisC

    Great video. Crazy that someone can gamble like that, but that’s what made him the best. Come to think of it I now have a burning desire to play craps?!?!

  2. Aaron

    Gheeeeeez, that’s an awesome vid. He’s certainly an amazingly consistent player, probably the best in the world like the video says.