RE: Maria Ho on CNN

by , Nov 3, 2009 | 7:19 pm

For those who missed it:

A review from Wicked Chops:

If Anderson was straight, and if Anderson awarded a “winner” to these types of segments, Maria clearly would’ve “won” the segment by being the hottest in the group BY FAR. Anderson would be like, “Thanks panel for all of your interesting points. You are all successful woman who should be role models to the young girls of America. Maria, I will award you winner of this segment for being the best looking while making your valid and intelligent points.”

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  1. BJ Nemeth

    Anyone who missed the original 10-minute segment that aired Monday night can find most of it embedded in CNN’s podcast version of the show. The segment with Maria begins at the 7:33 mark, and lasts about 8 minutes. (The podcast runs shorter than the televised episode.)

    Here’s the direct link to watch it on the web:

    And if you want to access the podcast in iTunes, this link will open up iTunes and take you to Anderson Cooper’s page — you want to choose the episode dated 11/02/09:

  2. traction

    WCP has obviously not seen Maria without makeup. Shockingly disturbing