Search-Term Pump-and-Dump

by , Nov 12, 2009 | 4:43 pm

We got a pretty sophisticated audience at Pokerati. All you lawyers, execs, programmers, Congresspeople, and part-time rodeo clowns … I gotta say, the search engine traffic is pretty dull compared to what brings people to sites like this and this. But while most of our search traffic comes from blase matter-of-factoids like Pokerati, WSOP, deep stack tournaments, and Julie Schneider stack em up, we do get a few visitors looking for peculiar, perverted, and/or misinformed content:

tied up hands and feet
lesbian poker
naked fat chick
joe cada is a jew?
hogtied men
the novembrists
oliver tse
are maria and tiffany gay
are the poker girls amazing race gay
(and lots of variants of the above theme)
joe cada shirtless
pictures of amy calistri nude
mitch garber asshole
hot boys guy donkeys
hookers at the commerce casino
chau giang rub titties

LOL. Seriously … who are you people? And were you able to find everything you’re looking for?

2 Comments to “Search-Term Pump-and-Dump”

  1. Fifth Street Journal

    What kind of peculiar, perverted, and/or misinformed person would search for oliver tse? 😉

  2. Bub

    hahahahaha LOL