Barack Obama on Online Gambling (Sorta)

Not good job creation strategy, President says

by , Dec 5, 2009 | 2:47 am

Finally, someone asked President Barack Obama semi-directly about gambling legalization. The college-student questioner didn’t specify online gambling, and he lumped us in with drugs, prostitution, and other non-violent crime with revenue generating potential.

But it does give a little insight suggesting that we probably shouldn’t expect President O to wholeheartedly support the efforts of Barney Frank et al.

ALT HED 1: Come on, Flip-Flop!
ALT HED 2: Is that Isildur?

Free Pokerati T-shirt to anyone (college student or otherwise) who can get an on-the-record audience with the Prez and can ask essentially the same question, but being a little more specific about “online gambling”. Throw a few government stats in there, too, and phrase it in a way that allows less generic wiggle room.

(Or not. Maybe now we know we don’t want Obama getting involved in our issue?)

2 Comments to “Barack Obama on Online Gambling (Sorta) ”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    A much better idea would be to check out: (subscription required, not that I have one). It sounds a lot better than some sophomore throwing out a wacky question to the President.

  2. Mike S

    This is pretty meaningless for us IMO. It’s all about context. When you pose the legalization of (online poker) along with prostitution, drugs, and crime, it’s going to skew the response towards the obviously dismissive perspective that Obama exhibited here. If the legalization of online poker were posed along with legitimately similar activities to online poker, such as online securities trading, online bridge tournaments, and online shopping, the response would be different, I’m sure.

    If we were to try and draw any meaningful conclusion from this, it might be that Obama is more likely to support legalizing online poker than legalizing online casino games. It would have been interesting to see the response if the student said “poker” instead of “gambling”.