Hitler Playing (Online) Poker

by , Dec 23, 2009 | 12:27 pm

This video overwrite is almost two years old … but new to me, and kinda funny to post Hitler stuff around Christmas considering the issues emerging related to an online site’s control of a player’s funds:

(And this came out even before the maker of it could know that Joan Rivers accuse Annie Duke of being Hitler1.)

Also makes you wonder … surely there is at least one world leader out there, good or bad, who has an online poker account (or three). Brings us one step closer to the day where international trade disputes and military conflicts can be replaced by heads-up sit-n-gos …

5 Comments to “Hitler Playing (Online) Poker”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    Better version, and almost up-to-date:


  2. DanM

    ha ha, pretty good! i think i like the first one better though. hitler is no tuff_fish!

  3. Geek

    And then of course, Hitler tried to make his own…


  4. pokerbusinessman

    Borderline bad taste but well edited.

  5. Dave

    I thought I’d seen one with Hitler and Tuff Fish but it turns out to be Tuff Fish v Jim Moran. I like it anyway.