Fancy Stash Box Poker

Because walking to the kitchen is too much trouble

by , Jan 27, 2010 | 3:29 pm

Check it out … I suspect someone was playing at a casino and watching how the table-embedded auto-shufflers work when they thought: How awesome would it be if you could press a button, and instead of getting a new deck, you got snacks and cocktails? The new GameBar, from the not-quite-sueably named Playerati, features a hidden, refrigerated snack bar that serves up refreshments at the table. A much better way to get everyone a round of chilled Tuaca shots than waiting for cocktail service. Press the button again for the electronic poker dumbwaiter to retract until the next round.

Theoretically can also be used to serve up weapons and drugs. Load the thing with semi-automatic handguns, and never fear home-game robbery again, knowing that you can arm your table from your game’s hidden (refrigerated) weapons cache at a moment’s notice. Good place to hide the bank, too … not to mention little sandwiches.

Ask yourself why all tables don’t have secret refrigerated compartments at

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One Comment to “Fancy Stash Box Poker”

  1. TOCurmudgeon

    Unless your name is Unger – Felix Unger – or, you have a full-time housekeeper with a strong stomach, this is probably a bad idea.