Bots Invading Facebook Poker

by , Jan 18, 2010 | 2:35 pm

This isn’t particularly new — has been out there since August — but it’s the first I noticed … Zynga, the free Texas Hold’em game on Facebook and MySpace and therefore one of the biggest online poker communities out there, apparently has bots growing out the ying-yang. And now, as of about a week ago, after some fixes and revisions, it’s finally working well.

The code for it is publicly available on Google-code:

It’s already had more than 88,000 downloads. If even just 1 percent of those are installed to fruition … well that’s a lot of bots competing for your fake chips and theoretically feeding the imaginary rake.

And here’s a rockin’ video showing exactly how to install it.

Hmm, interesting. More confirmation that bots are a real issue, and will be a major factor in future online poker operations. Also kinda funny to think that bot armies are essentially being trained playing free poker … where they theoretically can eventually work their way up in stakes like a human player who gets better and better.

6 Comments to “Bots Invading Facebook Poker”

  1. Affiliate Ante

    It’s crazy that people would invest time in cheating a free play site. The free play sites won’t have the same resources to stop bots playing that the poker operators have.

  2. facebook poker bots

    there arent many stops game developers can implement to spot facebook poker bots

  3. bella

    The Chinese are the main people going it they don`t like to cheat and it sucks that they are getting away with it why cheat whats the point and zynga aint doing a thing about it they are letting it side and no wonder everyone s eater leaving or going over to wpt

  4. Bradson

    Bella your blatent racism is pathetic. What’s more is that you fail to back up your disgusting redneck statement with any proof. So all you’re really doing is spouting mindless alligations about the chinese. Go back to texas.

  5. waldoworld

    Bradson, I don’t disagree with your assessment of the racism in bellas’ post. I do, however, take exception to your characterization of Texas. We have our share of bigots, but no more than New York, Kansas, Iowa, Florida, California or any other state. Ask Dan, he has loads of time booked in Texas.

  6. DanM

    i love mexicans. my friends in arizona, however, don’t get it when i tell them they are racist. think we’re allowed to call AZans racist now, because they are doing it by state policy!

    hey, what does this have to do with facebook bots?