Star-Telegram Wants to Know: Legal Online Poker in 2010?

by , Jan 3, 2010 | 11:54 am

Check it out … the Fort Worth Star-Telegram has a story on the possibility of legalizing online poker in 2010. (Nice quotes, Lavigne.)

Nothing earth-shattering in the story … just the non-poker populace continuing to be educated on the basics of our issues at stake. And the mainstream media letting said populace know that indeed, these issues will be dealt with in some capacity this year. Also interesting — the ST’s running a poll with that article, looking for essentially a thumbs-up-thumbs-down referendum on the matter of online poker. Our side is in the lead (as usual), but a stronger than usual 39 percent have voted so far to say that instead of legalizing and taxing online poker, the government should crack down.

Also in the Star-Telegram: Police are cracking down on cock fights.

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