Doppleganged at the LAPC

by , Feb 26, 2010 | 4:22 am

Also last week, kinda funny, I had just shown up in the tournament room at the Commerce when I was supposedly simultaneously in front of a computer, chatting in the LAPC livecam chat room:

(Thanks to all looking out for this site’s good name.)

6:54 pokerati: maybe we can get uyou involved somehow with some streams like this..
6:54 WhoJedi: Pokerati is Dan, is this Dan?
6:54 WhoJedi: That would be cool.
6:54 pokerati: nosir
6:55 pokerati: i did NOT no there was a pokerat that wud be cinfused
6:55 pokerati: i am NOT impostering
6:55 WhoJedi: lol
6:55 WhoJedi: no worries
6:55 pokerati: my twit name is DservAA
6:55 pokerati: i dnt want ppl thinkn im trying to solicit ppl using anown name
6:55 WhoJedi: I am whojedi on Twitter, find me and send me a message…
6:55 pokerati: i need everything to be as legit as poss for this to go throughj
6:55 Kevmath: who’s left of the final 3?
6:56 WhoJedi: cool
6:56 WhoJedi: they are on break, be back in a few minutes, I am gonna try and find out who the three are…
6:56 jcpoker: jedi kesller in?
6:57 pokerati: believe so
6:57 WhoJedi: yes
6:57 jcpoker: k what position
6:57 jcpoker: chip countg
6:57 pokerhag: why are you using pokerati when you are not Dan??
6:58 pokerati: how are they allowing you to film this?
6:58 jcpoker: hes getting attention for a film
6:58 jcpoker: using a known name
6:58 jcpoker: ha
6:58 pokerhag: kind of sucks
6:58 WhoJedi: Kessler has 23,600
6:58 jcpoker: k thanks
6:58 jcpoker: he went way down
6:59 jcpoker: good thing he sold 25 of his action
6:59 JamesDaBear: WhoJedi… that’s what I thought too at first… Because I follow pokerati on twitter too
7:00 JamesDaBear: hey
7:00 JamesDaBear: i don’t think that’s what he is doing at all
7:00 JamesDaBear: nice dance
7:00 pokerati: jcpoker that was NOt cool..
7:00 WhoJedi: three players left in the $1K NLHE is Ryan Hughes, Robert Kalteux and Ray Henson.
7:00 JamesDaBear: nice
7:00 pokerati: can i chng my name here
7:00 JamesDaBear: thanks
7:01 jcpoker: how do yu randomly come up with pokerati?
7:01 jcpoker: ha
7:01 pokerati: illuminati
7:01 pokerhag: I think you should change it….not good
7:01 pokerati: pokeraati
7:01 pokerati: simple..
7:01 jcpoker: k
7:02 jcpoker: james believes you
7:02 pokerati: could be subconscious maybe sam it on 2p2 or twitter, small wrld now
7:02 pokerati: i will chng, im sry..but thats weak that you thinks its shady
7:02 pokerati: i will try
7:03 jcpoker: i dont
7:03 jcpoker: i dont care
7:03 jcpoker: i just think its funny
7:03 jcpoker: naive
7:03 JamesDaBear: pokerati is not some brilliant thing that Dan Michalski can claim as his own lol
7:03 pokerati: mee too..F that im not chngng anything
7:03 jcpoker: yea
7:04 jcpoker: take a stand
7:04 pokerati: what if i workd at the ATi gas station dwn the road
7:04 pokerhag: fraud
7:04 JamesDaBear: most people do use their twitter name on here
7:04 pokerati: or for advanced teletronics incorporated
7:06 Kevmath: he never said he was dan michalski, i admit it’s confusing but it’s not intentional
7:06 pokerhag: you are misrepresenting yourself.sir.
7:07 JamesDaBear: so it would be cool to change your name… so the cynics will start having real conversations instead of this crap
7:07 pokerhag: now he has the facts and should change it especially since he is pushing a project
7:07 WhoJedi: Funning thing is, Dan is here with me…lol…He got a kick out of it, no harm no foul…
7:07 JamesDaBear: lol
7:07 JamesDaBear: funny
7:07 Kevmath: that’s what made me think it was dan, since i know he’s in la this weekend
7:07 pokerhag: me too
7:07 WhoJedi: I’ll have him wave to the camera in a minute…
7:08 Kevmath: looks like heads-up
7:08 pokerati: arhghh tech supprt says i need new email
7:08 JamesDaBear: nice
7:08 Kevmath: i assume it’s klateaux v hughes?
7:09 WhoJedi: Here comes Dan, say hi…
7:09 pokerati: lol, i cant chngn!!!!!!
7:09 pokerati: im sorry dude, blind mistake..i dank bet the river..unintentionally
7:09 jh00k: wolfman!!!
7:09 WhoJedi: No worries…
7:10 Kevmath: er kalteux and hughes

***7:03 JamesDaBear: pokerati is not some brilliant thing that Dan Michalski can claim as his own lol***

Point of order to JamesDaBear … ok, “not some brilliant thing” I’ll give ya, but when it comes to claiming the phrase as my own in “online journals, namely blogs, featuring information and opinion on poker” technically I can.

5 Comments to “Doppleganged at the LAPC”

  1. Capo

    haha! nh sir!

  2. Kevin Mathers

    Is it ironic that the first use of Pokerati was 4/20?

  3. DanM

    a little bit. got a hairbrained idea one day thanks to some really good shit.

  4. JamesDaBear

    Good for you, sir… heard people using this long before I ever knew this site existed… or you for that matter.

    I’m just saying it’s just as likely the guy never heard of you.

  5. DanM

    i buy that. i don’t think it was malicious. almost honored to have been doppleganged!