Full Tilt Million Dollar Cash Game

by , Feb 2, 2010 | 1:02 pm

So little gets me excited about poker these days … unless, of course, it includes Pot-Limit Omaha or somebody getting sued/arrested. (C’mon HSP, can we just get one episode of PLO? Just to hear Gabe Kaplan talking about it. Promise not to sue you if you use this idea.)

But I stumbled across this last night — a game I read about on the internet back when it was being recorded (I believe in September). It’s just a regular-ole episode (Season 4 Ep. 3). But still much more exciting on video than anything I read about online, and way better than the Poker Stars Million-Dollar Challenge, not to mention Face the Ace:


Patrik Antonius
Tom Dwan
Mike Matusow
Chris Ferguson
Gus Hansen
Allen Cunningham
Andrew Feldman

[via LV Poker Source]

8 Comments to “Full Tilt Million Dollar Cash Game”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    I think the peeps would rather see this hand:

  2. DanM

    you’re right. that was a pretty awesome hand.

  3. Kevin Mathers

    Televised poker in the UK has really stepped up the game recently. The recently concluded Million Dollar Cash Game, the Durrrr Million Dollar Challenge that started airing yesterday, the PKR Heads-Up Grand Slam, and the Party Poker World Open have produced some quality poker for those waiting for High Stakes Poker to start soon.

  4. DanM

    any idea what kinda ratings these shows are drawing. i found this one intereting, because it obviously appeals to the wonkiest poker geeks out there, but the explanation of blinds and the button suggest they are doing this for the total poker newbies/novices.

  5. Kevin Mathers

    No idea, but the shows do usually start around 10pm-midnight GMT, on the lower Sky Sports networks. The UK has had plenty of 6-person tournaments with the same format for years (100k in chips, starting at 1k/2k). The past few months, Barry Hearn and the folks over at Matchroom Sports decided to give players 300k in chips and it’s improved the quality of the tournaments, as well as making each show 2 hours long.

  6. facebook poker chips

    us UK fellows know how to throw a poker party 🙂

  7. larry franklin

    anyone associated with full tilt poker (owners) should lose everything they have ever had in there entire life including there family. It (full tilt) has got to be the most rigged site that i have ever played. They claim they have randon generator for playing but i am here to tell you there is no such thing on this planet. Absolutely lieing, they should be shut down and everything they own taken i will be emailing the united states congress and my state senator , which my state is already trying to shut it down. By the way FUCK YOU FULL TILT POKER I HOPE ALL OF YOU SON OF A BITCHES CROKE IN YOUR SLEEP>

  8. Dan Michalski

    yikes, what’d they ever do to you, dude?