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by , Mar 2, 2010 | 2:28 am

Our friends at CardRunners couldn’t have been more thrilled when I took down the team portion of the WSOP-Dream Team event this past summer — wearing their patch while doing so — but since then have been less than enthusiastic about my performance at the tables.

So … they strongly suggested I work on my game. “If you ever want to be taken seriously as a player you have to actually improve, Dan. You can’t go burning through your entire bankroll trying to learn PLO,” said a CardRunners representative about three steps removed from Brian Townsend. “And stop talking all this garbage about Isildur!”

So I agreed — at least to the part about my advancement in poker. I had to start by writing “I will not raise with weak starting hands against strong players in middle position” 100 times in permanent marker on a whiteboard, and then had to promise to study the video lessons available via

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  1. Johnny Hughes

    Dan…Please experiment with the Hughes Limp and Pop ’em System for no limit hold ’em. I rarely raise with any hand in the two seats right behind the button. Strangers fall in a trap. Those who know it have hell playing against it. This is extemely effective with a first buy-in, or a semi-short stack, or against a short stack. I float AK, AA,KK around and re-raise all I can..being pot or no limit. Now what you going to do with a pair of nines? Little the best of it, or big dog? Even if you know about the Hughes Limp and Pop ’em, it neutralizes position in those two seats. And there is a little money in the pot to take right there. It beats a raise and two or three callers.

  2. Chad Sexington

    Don’t know where to ask this… Dan, do you have any information about the candidates for TX Governorship? The primary is today, and I don’t know if either of the candidates has a stance on casinos or poker rooms, and a google search came up empty.

    Guide me, please. 🙂

  3. Kevin Mathers

    I think of the three, Debra Medina was the most favorable to poker in Texas.

  4. Johnny Hughes

    She’s Tea Party, and Texas is not that crazy.

  5. DanM

    Can always rely on a man from Syracuse to tell us who’s who and what’s what in Texas and Nevada. Thanks Kevmath for stepping up while I was down for the day. I didn’t really know this answer.

    As the general shapes up — Perry vs. White — I gotta think White is better for poker because we’re pretty well entrenched with Houston Democrats. But Perry showed he would deal with us until he doublecrossed poker to appease his uber-conservative base in preparation for this primary last year.

  6. G-Squared

    I checked with White’s camp to see where he stands. Here is their response.

    “Under current Texas law as interpreted by the Attorney General, any expansion of gambling in this state would require a constitutional amendment, which requires a statewide vote. This means that expanding the gambling “footprint” to include new forms of gambling such as slot machines or casinos could only occur after a statewide vote to amend the constitution.

    Bill does not encourage or promote gambling. As Governor, he would not promote or oppose legislative efforts to change the Texas Constitution concerning gambling. He believes that use of the Governor’s office to promote gambling in Texas would distract from the principal mission of state government. Bill would abide by the will of Texas voters who express themselves on any Constitutional amendment.”

    On the one hand he does not encourage or promote gambling, but at least he is not opposed to let Texans vote on it.

  7. DanM

    Abiding by the will of the Texas voters is a good thing … we addressed this last year and though Menendez would have to resurrect it, we got the necessary rulings for poker as a game of skill to prevent it from needing a constitutional amendment.

    BTW, looking at this comment thread — paid for by the fine folks at btw — I am getting the message that you all are hungry for some discourse on what’s on the horizon for poker in Texas. Already hearing more than rumblings about 2011. Ducks being put in a row now so the sitch can be assessed post-election in November, then out the gate running … w the new WinStar owners at LoneStarPark presumably playing it all differently than in previous political seasons and changing the landscape quite a bit.

    Truthfully, the governor doesn’t really matter in Texas unless you have a gov who is strongly against like perry was for a couple weeks last year.

  8. Chad Sexington

    I wasn’t really concerned with the Democratic nominee since I don’t think he would really have a chance in this state / political climate. The Republican nominee is probably a shoe-in this time around.

    I’m not sure I agree with your last sentence, but if you find out any more detail about the rumblings about 2011, please update us.