EPT Berlin Final Table

by , Mar 7, 2010 | 6:04 am

Here’s the final table of EPT Berlin, with the standard EPT Live streaming at www.eptlive.com scheduled to start at 6am ET:

Seat 1: Marko Neumann – 2,185,000
Seat 2: Marc Inizan – 3,655,000
Seat 3: Kevin MacPhee – 6,070,000
Seat 4: Artur Wasek -3,530,000
Seat 5: Marcel Koller – 3,590,000
Seat 6: Nico Behling – 960,000
Seat 7: Ketul Nathwani – 4,685,000
Seat 8: Ilari Tahkokallio – 3,940,000

How they got to that final table on Saturday took an approximate 5-hour detour when a group of masked robbers stormed the Grand Hyatt Hotel around 2:30pm local time. You can check out my previous two posts from Saturday for some clips here and here.

Various mainstream media reports have said that up to 1 million Euros have been stolen, or as some called it, a “jackpot“. While the EPT Berlin event did boast a 1 million Euro first prize, it’s expected that the amount the robbers were able to pocket is expected to be far less than that.

While there have been numerous eyewitness accounts, most of them are German, which can make some interesting translations for those looking for something in English. Here’s a few foreign reports (translated through Google Translate):

Bild newspaper photographer

Report on what happened in the cashier area

BZ-Berlin article, showing pictures of two of the thieves

Here’s a couple of interviews (in English), first from the cameraman who filmed the robbery in progress:

The other from another eyewitness:

5 Comments to “EPT Berlin Final Table”

  1. DanM

    why do you think the amount stolen will be less? we understand they probaby didn’t have the “jackpot” all right there, but you know a total prize pool is always way more than just the jackpot!

  2. Kevin Mathers

    The only prize pool that would be possible is from the events that started on Saturday:

    10k Euro High Roller
    1k Ladies event
    1k side event

    I’m surprised the media didn’t say that they took over 4.7m Euros, since that was the total prize pool for the EPT Berlin main event.

  3. DanM

    “Prize pool” is definitely not a concept that translates well to the non-poker world.

  4. Kevin Mathers

    The same could be said for tournaments. I recall during the WSOP ME final table last year, when Bloomberg said that Steven Begleiter had lost over $20m real dollars in one hand.

  5. Gav

    Extract from a different bloomberg article:

    “Begleiter won more than $10 million in chips in one hand late last night, winning with pairs of aces and queens, according to the Web site. He earlier left the table for three hands after losing a pot on the last card to drop his chip count to $5.6 million. ”

    It’s always funny when people who have no clue about poker report on it. What’s worse is, like kevmath said, some confuse tournament chips for actual cash amounts when reading shit like this, especially with the way this is worded.

    Anyways, I’m glad pokerstars released that statement today, the different figures flying around as to how much was taken was doing my head in.