Poker Pro’s Businesses Destroyed in Historic Dallas Fire

by , Mar 3, 2010 | 8:13 am

Longtime friend of Pokerati and poker pro Gregg Merkow took a rough beat early yesterday morning when fire engulfed two of his restaurants in Dallas. A four-alarm blaze destroyed The Hurricane Grill and the Greenville Bar & Grill, owned by Merkow, along with Mick’s bar and Terilli’s, the Italian restaurant where the fire reportedly started. It’s one of the most historic blocks of Dallas nightlife on Greenville Avenue — and thus citizens are concerned about saving what they can of the buildings even after they burnt virtually to the ground.

More on the fire and its aftermath here.

Because we care about poker players, and due diligence, we’d throw our friends under the bus in a second for a scandalous hedline + Google juice, we couldn’t help but ask whether or not perhaps he’d been running bad lately and this fire, started at a time when the structure was safely empty, might not have been a nefarious play for insurance dollars. Turns out that Merkow didn’t even have insurance on these legendary properties that may or may not have helped launch a poker career.

While non-poker people in Dallas debate how that could be (and who should ultimately be responsible), one of the players in his regular 10/25/50 NLH/PLO game explained, “It’s Merkow. He’s a gambler.”

Our sympathy for his loss … sucks, dude. Merkow speaks with the Associated Press shortly after the fire that had nothing to do with poker here:

5 Comments to “Poker Pro’s Businesses Destroyed in Historic Dallas Fire”


    If Terilli’s is covered with insurance the Merkow should be ok. He can put a claim in on Terilli’s policy.(If the info is correct that the fire started there)

  2. DanM

    I think you are right — that’s what people over at Unfair Park seem to be suggesting. But I gotta think that’s a long process in and of itself before you’d have the option to rebuild and start over.


    Not sure if you knew this already Dan but my main business is I own a few independent insurance offices. The process can start as soon as the Fire Marshall finalizes his report. He can file a claim for his furniture, equipment, and any losses he is having from not being open. Even if it was arson Terilli’s policy would still have to pay Merkow because his damages occurred because of Terilli’s negligence. If it ends up being an electrical fire then that is when Merkow might have an issue. He might of signed on his lease that he would have coverage for his business and that the owner of the building is only responsible for the dwelling. In this case he might end up with nothing.

  4. DanM

    I did not know that, Sanbob, thanks for clarifying. From what I can tell, no one is suspecting arson, fire department included. But it seems lie Merkow has to sort out all the above things you explain before he can figure out his next move in the Greenville Ave restaurant biz.

  5. Card Chucker

    I was there this last weekend…Hurricane and Terilli’s. Little did I know that would be the last time to have drinks there. First we lose Arcadia (Liquid), now this. Soon enough Greenville Ave will turn into up(pity)town. Sucks it had to happen right before the St Patty’s Day festivities in Lower Greenville.