’s The Big Game

New show coming soon

by , Mar 27, 2010 | 8:34 pm

A poker show for the hardcore fan, with a touch of game-show whammy thrown in. To be seen on Fox Sports. That’s the word coming from Daniel Negreanu:

Buy in: $100,000 minimum $500,000 maximum
Blinds: $200-$400 with a $100 ante (the button will ante for the table)
Format: 6 handed (occasionally that may change) pot limit betting before the flop, no limit hold’em after the flop.

The Twist: One of the six players at the table will be an online qualifier, “The Loose Cannon,” who’ll get a chance to sit in the game with $100,000… and it’s a freeroll! Well, not entirely. The Loose Cannon must play the full session, and he can keep anything that he wins. If he loses, say $500 or $50,000, he gets nada.

I’d Tivo that.

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