Re: EPT Berlin Armed Robbery Attempt

by , Mar 6, 2010 | 12:24 pm

Here’s some video from this afternoon’s attempted robbery at EPT Berlin:

Here’s a clip of an interview from German TV news:

A translation from 2+2 poster “B4RT3K” from the interview between the reporter and “Roman” the security guard in the video above:

Reporter: “We got one witness with us, Roman, you are from the security Team (Security-Kuhr), you were involved in this conflict, how can u describe what happened there ?”

Roman: “It was really scary, with how much brutality the gangsters were acting, I was just standing there minding my own business and securing the money, happy about the fact that the day was calm and nothing happened, suddenly there is shouting and screaming coming from the hallway and the people (gangsters) rush the cashier floor with huge brutality and even armed… it was really scary.”

Reporter: “You are injured, but you got to get hold of one of the gangsters, you were trying to get the money back from him… were you successful ?”

Roman: “Yeah, thank god, we were successful… we got a huge amount of the money back from the gangsters, one of the employees of the hotel helped me there, but we couldn’t secure the gangster because he got rescued by his friends.”

Reporter: “Which weapons were used ? We saw a machete, there were rumours about grenades, kalashnikovs, guns, pump-guns etc.?”

Roman: “I can only verify the machete and a hand-held gun.”

Reporter: “So you really tried to get hold of the gangsters even though u were unarmed and they were armed with guns?”

Roman: “Yeah, in the first moment I didn’t think of the fact that they will use the guns against me, and I just wanted to stop them from what they were doing in that particular moment.”

Reporter: “Brave.”

UPDATE: Here’s another PokerNews update with audio from a police spokesman:

5 Comments to “Re: EPT Berlin Armed Robbery Attempt”

  1. DanM

    Wow. that first video is amazing. Is it too soon to question whether or not that was good branding for PokerStars in the end? They did get a lot of mainstream press time.

    Also, though I am no fan of PokerTube, they have a similar video to the first one you posted, but with some interesting still pics at the end of it:

  2. Ed

    First one is no longer available.

  3. Kevin Mathers


    Try now.

  4. DanM

    Apparently Lennart Hennig or whomever he sold the video too has an issue … here is an interview with him and clips of his footage:

  5. Ed

    looks like the German folk do not get CSI or they just refuse to watch it. come on people…a crime scene is present…DO NOT WALK ON GLASS or through key areas. 🙂