The Future of Poker Technology?

by , Mar 26, 2010 | 4:05 pm

Those PokerTek tables and the subsequent knock-offs are starting to look a little Commodore 64 … But still say they were onto something. Check out the latest generation of real-live poker stepping into the online technology domain.

Via Gizmodoand Engadget

Poker Surface: Combining Mobile Phones and a Multi-Touch Surface in Interactive Card Games

IMHO, these college kids deserve an A.

Conceptually, based on interactions in traditional card games, our poker game application explores different natural ways of interaction, including touching the table as well as tilting, throwing, and shaking a mobile phone. By translating traditional gestures into the digital domain, we provide a use case to discuss useful gestures combing mobile phones with tabletop surfaces, as well as to explore a private-public display setting for digital card games at interactive tables. Additionally, the mobile phone provides the tangible feeling similar to physical cards. The preliminary user study showed that users preferred using mobile phones for interaction compared with direct interaction on multi-touch table. Further information can be find in… . The project is done in Pervasive Computing and User Interface Engineering group at University of Duisburg Essen (


UPDATE: There was a step in between that was pretty cool too:


2 Comments to “The Future of Poker Technology?”

  1. Ed

    Well damn. When I saw the Surface stuff being demoed for a DnD app I thought “This would rock for poker. You could put your hands over the hole cards and it shows you what you have.” Oh well…not like I could afford one of those tables nor do I have the knowledge to develop the software. 🙂

  2. DanM

    The Gizmodo link links to a story about exactly that … the DnD surface!