Top 10 Toughest Tournaments in the World?

According to Daniel Negreanu

by , Mar 8, 2010 | 9:58 am

Daniel Negreanu has an interesting new post up where he breaks down what he believes to be the 10 Toughest Tournaments in the World.

Spoiler alert:

10. WPT LA Poker Classic (Los Angeles)
9. PCA (Bahamas)
8. WSOP Heads-up Championship (Las Vegas)
7. EPT Grand Final (Monte Carlo)
6. WSOP Main Event (Las Vegas)
5. WPT Championship (Las Vegas)
4. NAPT Bounty Shootouts (??)
3. WSOP-Europe Main Event (London)
2. WSOP $25k Six-handed Event (Las Vegas)
1. $50k WSOP Players Championship (Las Vegas)

Click here for Negreanu’s explanations of what makes each of these events special.

Numbers 4 and 2 are the only ones that seem possibly questionable to me. The Bounty Shootouts, indeed, are likely to become great. But it’s not even clear yet where the real championship will take place. (The upcoming version at Mohegan Sun will be the first open one of these.) Likewise for the WSOP’s new $25k six-handed event. High-roller and fast no-limit hold’em action, sure … but again, can you really put something at #2 when it hasn’t even happened yet? I’d rather see an Ironman tourney on that list … even though they aren’t big, yet, I think all who have battled in them can attest they are tough.

UPDATE: Anyone else finds Daniel’s omission of the NBC Heads-Up curious? I wouldn’t think much about it had he not included WSOP Heads-up as #8. Now I gotta wonder if his list woulda been different had he been in the final four this weekend / Annie Duke not won.

12 Comments to “Top 10 Toughest Tournaments in the World? ”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    The Bounty Shootout at Mohegan Sun is currently listed as a 10k buyin event. #1 hasn’t happened yet either in the 50k buy-in 8-game format.

  2. DanM

    true enough on the 8-game … but it’s not like this is a totally foreign event. they are very familiar with the field and the games … and ultimately the event itself, even though it has gone through many different variations.

  3. BJ Nemeth

    The WSOP Main Event has no business being on this list, especially according to the criteria that Daniel listed. While it has a fantastic structure and all the best players in the world play, they are dwarfed by the random donkeys. That field is filled with soft spots all the way to the final table.

    P.S. — I posted this comment from my iPhone. Pokerati comments are finally iPhone-friendly, Dan!

  4. DanM

    yikes BJ, are you sure you won’t be on-air this week? I think just about everything you say (pre-PS) is ridiculous. Those soft spots are part of what make the tournament so difficult. It’s a landmine navigation challenge. Getting lucky in the ME includes getting someone to fold (not call) with 33 vs. your Aces so they don’t get cracked.

  5. scott diamond

    I think it goes to show you how good Poker Players are here in LA. Daniel picked the LAPC Main Event as 10th toughest. Thats a lot of respect for Commerce!

    I have to agree with Dan here BJ…The soft spots or “Donkeys” are what make tournaments so DIFFICULT to win.

  6. Lee

    NBC Heads-up isn’t included because Danial hasn’t fared well there. “Toughest”….. B.S. these are Danny boy’s favorites.

  7. BJ Nemeth

    I openly laugh at anyone who thinks the NBC Heads-Up Championship qualifies as one of the toughest tournaments of the year. It’s a total crapshoot, and not in any way comparable to the WSOP Heads-Up event. (For the reasons that Daniel explained in his blog — the WSOP event includes more of the best players, and it has a much better, skill-based structure.)

    The NBC Heads-Up Championship is a crapshoot. That’s why it’s not on the list. Anyone who thinks Negreanu excluded it out of jealousy or spite is delusional.

  8. Matthew Parvis

    Wow, I totally disagree with BJ with his Main Event commentary, and I totally agree with his NBC comments. I’d have thrown the 100K event that happens in Melbourne each year, as a tough field, however, Daniel has never played it or been so I understand the reasoning behind not including it.

  9. DanM

    could you maybe swap out the PCA with the Aussie Millions or Aruba?

  10. Short-Stacked Shamus

    Am pretty sure DN’s list appeared a couple of hours before Duke had won Sunday night — not that it matters. The event doesn’t rate highly according to the criteria he establishes, and I wouldn’t think his success/failure in it would make a diff. in how he rates it. (Nor Duke’s.)

  11. Lee

    Heads-Up is a crap shoot, that’s why it is one of the toughest to win. Toughest is the wrong title. The article should be called the “MOST SKILLED” to win. The actual “toughest” to win would be huge field, fast structure, and strength of field, in that order.

  12. Spaceman

    Dan – you can’t swap anything out with Aruba anymore since UB cancelled it.