Online Gambling = Jobs

Disastrous news for degen bloggers who’d rather not work!

by , Apr 21, 2010 | 1:38 pm

Check it out … Washington DC is starting to get the picture, as yet another study circulates about the benefits of fully legal online gambling. However, this study doesn’t champion just the 10s of billions in tax revenue — it points out how many jobs it would create: 32,000 over the next five years. I wonder if that triple-counts those who will surely get hired, fired, re-hired, and re-re-hired in the industry. Also can’t tell if Mathers’ pay in chum will be counted as a full-time job. Kinda funny when you think how many people currently working got into this industry trying to avoid the concept of a “real” job.

The study comes from the UK-based H2 Gambling Capital. And though The Hill hardly notes any pressure from the looming UIGEA drop-dead enforcement-enforcement deadline, it does give lawmakers something to work with as they look to keep any bills they’re pushing forward in line what will obviously be a key Democratic talking point as we move toward November.

Interestingly, though we knew this all along, the study also attaches a quantifiable number that online gambling would add to the economy beyond the straight tax revenues. $94 billion in new economic activity. Wow, we an use that. Perhaps they see a Galctic Series of Poker in the future?

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  1. Pauly

    LOL at “hired, fired, re-hired, and re-re-hired” because that’s like 95% of the industry!