New Poker TV Show (Sneak Preview of)

The Champions of Poker Commentary

by , Apr 5, 2010 | 5:42 pm

New show coming soon … “The Champions of Poker Commentary” — essentially a Best Damn Sports Show knock-off, but using poker pros not affiliated with online sites to shoot the real shit about the poker world for people who may or may not think poker hasn’t changed since that most recent rerun of WSOP 2003.

You know me, I want to lambast and ridicule any Tom Schneider endeavor — because that’s how we show our friends we care — but gotta say, this is pretty damn good. Very different:

According to Eric Ulis, the host of this in-development show, the current poker-on-TV offerings are a bit “stuffy” … and that’s where they supposedly come in — to talk about the poker news of the day in a different way. It’s all part of a derivative of Ulis’ Continental Poker Championship, and the plan is to film it regularly with this crew of Arizona high stakes pros — Tom Schneider, Hooman Nikzad, and Jesse McGinty — at the Gila River Casino Wild Horse Pass, just outside of Phoenix.

7 Comments to “New Poker TV Show (Sneak Preview of)”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    The site is now for in use for this concept, so I thought the poker tournament idea was no longer in play.

  2. DanM

    you might be right about that. I was trying to figure out if it’s the “Continental Poker Championsip” or “Tour” and couldn’t find the website. Have updated the post accordingly.

  3. Kevin Mathers

    If the show is full of stories about busto pros, it’ll be a hit in the poker forum community. The above clip is pretty good stuff.

  4. DanM

    I agree. I thought it was interesting to hear McGinty estimate 90 percent of the pros are in TJ or Eskimo’s sitch. Also funny to hear Tom finally go public with his Eskimo fake jewelry story.

  5. Karridy

    I’d watch this. I don’t know that you need 4 guys. Maybe the other two in chairs will loosen up. Tom did well, I thought.

  6. Lisa

    The set needs a bit of help. Maybe some chairs that don’t make the guys look like munchkins? You know, with lower arm rests?

    Otherwise, look forward to the next episode.

  7. Kelly

    I think all the guys did well and were on point, I agree they all deserve better seats and stage presence. I think the more this airs the better it will get and you have to start somewhere! I would watch and liked the fact that it wasn’t boring! you go boy!