The Poker Beat (4/8/10)

by , Apr 11, 2010 | 1:28 pm

This week’s episode of The Poker Beat arrives with a somewhat sensationalistic-seeming title, phrased in the form of a question: “The Worst Week in Internet Poker History?” And no, as it turns out, hosts Scott Huff, Gary Wise, B.J. Nemeth, and Dan “the Wolfman” Michalski did not discuss Michalski’s week online.

Aside from addressing Pennsylvania now saying poker is a game of chance and Massachusetts’ efforts to criminalize online poker during the “News Briefs” segment, the panelists this week spent most of the show focusing on a couple of other downer-type stories that inspired the episode’s title.

First up was that federal grand jury’s investigation of Full Tilt Poker regarding possible money laundering and gambling violations. Then came talk about Everest Poker’s lawsuit against the WSOP over the Everest logo not appearing in broadcasts of the Series on French television.

Discussion of those topics begins around the 22-minute mark. Dial in a couple of minutes before that to hear The Darkness’ much more optimistic (and rocking) message of belief in a thing called love.

The Poker Beat

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2 Comments to “The Poker Beat (4/8/10)”

  1. DanM

    fyi, in this episode, huff and i question whether or not the new france law opened the country up to non french sites. have sine found out that is indeed the case:

  2. DanM

    oops, might take it back … J todd explains about halfway in that this story (and all the hedlines that followed it) is kinda-sorta wrong: