EPT-Berlin Robbers, Growing Cereus Scandal-fare, Asian Spa World Cup Bracelet Bling + Victory for Sexism?


by , May 29, 2010 | 11:34 pm

I’m trying to get on the link-dump bandwagon … but for reasons of my own personal weakness, I have a problem giving Pokerati readers a quick directory to relevant content elsewhere on the internet without turning one-liners into a complex narrative that often looks pretty, but defeats the whole point of one-click simplicity for those wanting greater understanding of what’s crossing our radar.

So if you’re in a hurry for WSOP- and poker-related nutrition …

German authorities arrest the alleged mastermind behind the EPT-Berlin robbery. [CalvinAyre.com]

Wicked Chops says they’ve got their hands on the UB superuser account list. [Wicked Chops]

Former PokerNews editor Haley Hintze says this list may be loaded with fakes, confirming her investigative, fact-based conjectures that various scandals at AP and UB are turning out to be a much larger multimillion-dollar matter of Cereus conspiracy and coverup. [Haley’s Poker Blog]

Wicked Chops is also on the trail of @AsianSpa … picking up where Donkdown, Pokerati, and Joe Sebok have come up short, failing to unearth the identity of poker’s self-proclaimed “righter of wrong-doers” who loves hating on UB-people and the Mizrachi family when not providing professional handjobs in Las Vegas. [Wicked Chops]

A 2010 WSOP Resource Guide that clearly overestimates gets the genius of Pokerati. [Part-Time Poker]

If soccer is not the new poker by the end of 2010 World Cup in South Africa, it darn-well should be. [Soccerati]

Here’s a pic of the new WSOP bracelets, by Joe Cada’s favourite DeltaBeta designer, Steve Soffa:

[Flipchip via Tao of Poker]

And speaking of DeltaBeta couture … Victory Poker is supposed to be making a big splash this WSOP, but so far all they’ve done is raise the sexism alert level for poker pundits thinking they may just be pissing in generally progressive WSOP waters. [PokerGrump and Pot Committed]

Meanwhile, speaking of chasing skirts bracelets, Team Pokerati’s 6x Weekend Warrior may have missed his first tourney, but he has made his twitter updates easier to follow by changing @JohnHarrisTTU to @85nutz. [Twitter]

There, that took me only a couple hours so you can keep up with the most important poker buzz with just a few minutes of well-focussed reading and everything else you need to know only a click away.

And we’re just getting rollin’, holy shit …

One Comment to “EPT-Berlin Robbers, Growing Cereus Scandal-fare, Asian Spa World Cup Bracelet Bling + Victory for Sexism? ”

  1. Mo Mac

    I just took a look at the UB superuser fake account list. In a string of accounts 3 names, Dursley, Black and Grainger are taken from characters in the Harry Potter series.